Monday, January 20, 2014

Picture Day on the Beach

A picture I took of my niece for my sister. Edited by cropping out a few unwanted people and giving the photo a more personal look to it. 11/30/13

Walking Along the Beach

A nice day at the beach with my friend made fro some good pictures, this is one of my favorites. It was darkened slightly so that you could see the reflection more clearly. 11/6/13

Amazing Purple Flower

I enjoy flowers and this photo, like the fly, was taken to test my camera. It has been slightly cropped so that the image would be a bit smaller. 7/12/13

Sunset at the Beach

This photo was a little difficult to take. My camera didn't want to turn of it's flash, so it was having a hard time catching up with my movements. I edited the colors by brightening it a bit and cropped some of the blurry pier out. 1/5/14

Beautiful Bird

This photo was taken at a beautiful horse ranch. It has been cropped slightly to narrow the frame. 1/12/14

This Photo May Seem Silly... Well, it is pretty silly.

This photo was used for a hoax assignment. I was having trouble doing the alternative assignment, a panoramic photo, because of my unsteady hands. This photo was created by taking a picture of my niece and my dog. Using the same technique as the filters photo, re-sizing, and then pasting the dog's head onto hers. 7/12/13

Zooming and Cropping

The original reasoning for this image was to test out my camera's zoom, but it made for a good cropping photo instead! I simply cropped some of the unneeded leaves and made the focal point off centered. 7/12/13